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Digitorney Goes Public:
We Invite You To Become Part Of Our Success Story

The Digital Share

Digitorney Security Token ("DGTY")

For a short period of time, Digitorney offers the scarce opportunity to become shareholder and hence part of our success story. You can take part in our Security Token Offering and buy “Digital Shares“, also called Digitorney Security Tokens (“DGTY“).

Every Digital Share represents a real share in the company Digitorney Group. As such, the value of the Digital Share will primarily move depending on the performance of Digitorney and ultimately on the demand for the Digital Shares.

The Digital Shares will be distributed directly by Digitorney and will ultimately be listed on one or more security token exchanges in twelve months after going public. From then on, one can trade the Digital Shares through these exchanges.

The Value

What Investors Get

The Digitorney Foundation issues Digitorney Tokens (“DGTY“). The public price will be denominated in Euro and is 50.00 (fifty) Euros per token.

During the Security Token Offering period there will be several discounts. In total, 100,000 DGTY will be issued, representing 10% of the shares in Digitorney Group B.V.

The Underlying

How The Tokens Are Backed

Our Security Token Offering is backed by Digitorney’s shares which means that every Digitorney Security Token (“DGTY“) represents a real share in Digitorney Group. All tokenized company shares are managed and administrated by the Digitorney Foundation.

For this purpose, the latter holds company shares in Digitorney Group as a trustee and issues certificates which certify the economic value of each share and are the basis for each DGTY. Hence, every investor that owns a DGTY indirectly holds shares in Digitorney Group including all rights related to each share.

The Smart Contract

How Tokens Are Governed

For the purpose of our Security Token Offering, we make use of an Ethereum Smart Contract. This is a computer protocol that allows for trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

Ethereum Smart Contracts are used to create so called ERC 20 tokens, such as the Digitorney Security Token (DGTY).

With a universal standard, new tokens can be put on an exchange or transferred to a wallet automatically (once it’s been created). Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. All agreements between shareholders and Digitorney are determined in the digital contract. Middle men such as notaries and lawyers are therefore not needed for transactions.

The Dividends

How The Investment Pays Off

The Digitorney Security Token (DGTY) is based on the principle that everyone benefits from any possible future dividends in an equal way. Dividends will be distributed directly to your wallet, in the form of more Digitorney Security Tokens or Ethereum (both based on the daily actual exchange rate).

Every token holder will get the same amount of dividend, obviously relative to the quantity of tokens in possession.

The Tradeability

When Tokens Can Be Traded

The Digitorney Security Token (DGTY) is a fully tradeable asset. It is tradeable directly with people, wallet to wallet, as well as through exchanges. Currently there are no security exchanges for ERC 20 tokens yet, but many companies are well underway with it.

Digitorney plans to list the DGTY one or more exchanges within 12 months. A key aspect of the DGTY is that it cannot be traded in the first twelve months after purchase. Digitorney has intentions to get the DGTY listed after twelve months.

The Investment Amount

What You Need & Can Invest

In the public phase, the minimum investment is set at 1 token (= 50 Euros), and there is no maximum set for the number of tokens per transaction (other than the remaining available tokens at that moment).

If you want to purchase a large number of tokens (from 2,000 tokens, i.e. from € 100,000 onwards), please contact us for an individual offer. Call us at +31(0)6 55 01 37 11, or mail to:

The Purchase

How You Can Buy Tokens

Buying Digitorney Security Tokens is very easy. You can buy them with bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, Bitcoins or Ethereum via Coingate. Just simply follow our steps in the process plan on