Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure 150 150 Digitorney Group


The Digitorney Foundation is a legal entity incorporated as a STAK (Stichting Administratiekantoor) under Dutch law. It holds 49% of the shares in Digitorney Group B.V. and issues one certificate on each of its Digitorney shares which certifies their economic value. During the Security Token Offering (STO), the STAK issues Ethereum tokens based on the issued certificates. After the STO, the STAK administrates the voting and dividend rights of the underlying shares.


The founders have always shown a strong commitment by way of investing both own money and sweat equity/costs of opportunity. After the Security Token Offering (STO), they will still hold a majority stake of 51% and remain in their position in the long run in order to push forward Digitorney's growth story.