How does the Digitorney STO work?

How does the Digitorney STO work? 1024 682 Digitorney Group

The Digitorney Foundation (STAK = Stichting Administratiekantoor under Dutch law) holds shares in Digitorney Group B.V. („DGBV“)as holding company of Digitorney Group.

The Foundation issues one certificate on each issued Digitorney-Share which certifies the economic value of the shares. Thereafter, Ethereum Tokens (“DGTY”) will be issued by the Foundation based on issued certificates. These tokens are Euro denominated and can be purchased by investors on the Netherlands based website of Digitorney while paying with credit card, Paypal or CoinGate.

Every DGTY provides voting rights and dividend rights, offers participation in the company value of DGBV and can be traded on eligible crypto exchanges presumably in the course of 2019. The listing (secondary market for exchange) of DGTY is regulated and requires necessary permits which are to be acquired.

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