Use Of Funds
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Key Investment Considerations
Key Investment Considerations 150 150 Digitorney Group

Investing in Digitorney’s STO offers the following benefits:

You Invest In Real Equity

The Digitorney Token is a crypto investment in real equity including dividends and voting rights - it's the Digital Share.

You Invest In Success

Digitorney has already shown a strong track record and tangible results.

You Benefit From Strong Upside

The forecast shows strong operational growth and investors take part in significant growth potential.

You Invest In People

Digitorney has a seasoned and personally committed management team with deep market know-how.

You Invest In Diversification

Digitorney has a diversified business model with various revenue streams.

You Benefit From Global Scalability

The business model of Digitorney is applicable to every country in the world.

You Participate In Juicy Business

The global revenue pool of the B2B legal advisory market is USD 349bn per annum - that's your upside.

You Benefit From Strong Demand

Nearly every law firm and company looks for legal tech solutions - Digitorney covers that demand across all types of tools.

You're Ahead Of The Curve

Investing in Digitorney demonstrates that you're part of the future of business law and at the forefront of things.

STO Process
STO Process 150 150 Digitorney Group