Achievements 150 150 Digitorney Group


Digitorney Kicks Off

After 9 months preparation and intense discussions with the target group regarding the business model, Digitorney started in June 2016. Initially, we focused on digital lawyer search for law firms.

Our Expansion To Benelux

Just one month after Digitorney’s inception, we set up in Benelux. Based in Amsterdam, Gaby Baaijens generated first business for German law firms from Dutch companies.

Our Launch In The USA

In February 2017, we started in New York supported by Oleg Rivkin. Based on our U.S. trademark, we re-developed the business model and introduced the digital lawyer search for companies.

Our Launch In Asia-Pacific

In light of increasing corporate activity from Asia, we established our regional hub in Hong Kong in June 2017 and originated first business from Asian corporates for European law firms.

Group Structure Created

Based on Digitorney’s successful first year, we created our group structure in July 2017 comprising of a holding company and three regional group companies.

Our Brand Building

On the back of our trademarks in the European Union and the United States, we've built the Digitorney brand on a global scale by way of numerous publications, presentations, conferences and meetings inter alia at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2018.

Our Blockchain Tool

Jointly with DresdenTech we launched our own Digitorney Messenger enabling law firms and corporate legal departments communicate via the public blockchain in a confidential manner.

Our B2B Market Place

On the back of our lawyer database, partnerships with various legal tech companies a nd our own Blockchain Messenger, we launched the Digital B2B Market Place “Digitorney Plus“ in September 2018.

Our Digitorney Token

In order to finance our future growth and to make use of digital funding solutions, we prepared for Digitorney‘s first Security Token Offering from December 2018 onwards.